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Learn, Connect, and Grow with Learning Spout

What if there was a service that introduced students to a career before they go to the time and expense of enrolling in college or technical training? What if there was a system that matched mentors with learners of all ages to preview and explore jobs of all types? Learning Spout, a job shadowing service in Fort Collins, is here to help.


Learning Spout matches students with mentors in job shadowing opportunities that allow students to preview careers before making long term decisions or investing in new skillsets. In an on-the-job preview, students can see what a typical day is like in the career field of their choice and talk with their mentor about the best career paths, employment decisions, and educational targets to reach their goals. The service is aimed at students in middle school, high school, and college.


Working professionals, adult learners, and those who are changing careers also have a great resource at Learning Spout. The mentoring program allows those who are exploring new career options to see what a new job would really be like and to make new industry connections before they take the leap. This valuable one-on-one time with a mentor provides an opportunity for adult learners and career hoppers to ask questions and get a feel for the day-to-day opportunities and challenges of the job they are considering.


Mentors and the companies who employ them also benefit from Learning Spout’s innovative services. They get the value of giving something back to their community and having a hand in guiding the choices and skills of the next generation of potential employees. It costs nothing to join Learning Spout as a mentor, and entire companies have signed up as a way to positively impact learners of all ages by sharing valuable skills and experience.


To get started, students place a “Shadowing Request”, and a Learning Spout representative called a Shadowing Care Coordinator matches the student with a mentor. Often the mentor is already part of the Learning Spout program, but if an existing mentor cannot be found in the student’s field of interest, Learning Spout will go out and attempt to find a mentor in the community. Students can also browse through a list of mentors and career options to choose one they might like to shadow.


Learning Spout’s mission is to open the door to students’ futures and allow them to make more informed decisions on their career paths. Their services provide new ways to learn, connect, and grow right here in Fort Collins! Click here to learn more about job shadowing and mentoring programs at Learning Spout.



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