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Elevate Chiropractic Practices Preventative Care

Everyone wants to live a healthy life free from pain, and most of us practice a reactionary approach to our nagging aches and injuries. We wait until after we are hurt to seek help or remedy. What if there was something we could do before we experience pain that could help to prevent that pain altogether?


The team at Elevate Chiropractic believes that preventative chiropractic care is the answer. Their system of care identifies possible issues before they become debilitating aches and pains, and their services can help to keep us upright and enjoying all that Northern Colorado has to offer. Elevate Chiropractic specializes in preventative care at their Fort Collins location.


Elevate Chiropractic is a family owned office that focuses on an elevated standard of care, helping the people of Northern Colorado to live their healthiest lives. Co-founded by Fort Collins native, Doctor Daniel Wallis and his wife, Elise Wallis, Elevate Chiropractic offers holistic, all-natural health care without drugs or invasive surgeries.


While preventative care isn’t necessarily top of mind for most people, it is a cost-effective way to manage overall health and well-being. By spotting problems before they are PROBLEMS, preventative care can save money in the diagnosis and treatment of not only nagging aches but of major injuries as well.


Contact Elevate Chiropractic to see if preventative chiropractic care might be right for you or click here to schedule an appointment. Watch the video below so that you know what you can expect during your first appointment.






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