Why Local

What Makes Our Economy Thrive?

Locally owned businesses and patrons that care about the community. Each one of us can play an important role in creating a vibrant community and healthy economy by supporting and shopping at local Fort Collins businesses in the community. Our everyday decisions have a powerful impact, especially when it comes to the businesses we support. There are many ways to be a localist, but the simplest is to start with a commitment to always support and shop at local Fort Collins businesses first.


Shopping at local Fort Collins businesses is good for the environment – they use less land, carry local products, and more.

Keep Foco Beautiful

Fort Collins is our favorite place to be – when purchasing local, your tax dollars go to beautifying the community!

Support our Community

Local Fort Collins businesses donate 250% more to local non-profits than big box stores. You can support the Fort Collins community by shopping at local businesses.

We have seen the full effect in supporting your neighbors and truly believe by working together to shop and support local businesses, we create the fabric of a great community.
Randy Morgan
Outpost Sunsport

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