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Kris Nylander Celebrates 20 Years with Alpine Gardens

March 8th will be Kris Nylander’s twenty-year anniversary working for Alpine Gardens in Fort Collins. We R FoCo sat down with the him to talk shop.

We R FoCo: What is your background and how did you come to work at Alpine Gardens?

Kris: After growing up in Northern California, I moved to Colorado upon high school graduation.  I spent a couple years in the Denver area, making friends, taking a few classes at a Community College, and just getting to know Colorado.  Facing the decision of where to attend college, Colorado State University was my final choice and ended up as a great decision.  Initially interested in golf course architecture, I was drawn to CSU for their Landscape Architecture program.  Once an Architecture major, I switched to Landscape Design and Construction Management as my main area of focus.  It was the perfect blend of art and creativity, mixed with math, science and construction.  Alpine Gardens was attractive choice for work after graduating college, I knew of the company’s reputation and really wanted to live and work in Fort Collins.   I love to create custom, usable spaces for people to enjoy outside, and not a better place to be able to do that.

We R Foco: What is your job at Alpine Gardens?

Kris: I serve as the company’s Sales Manager as well as a Senior Designer and Project Manager.

We R Foco: What are your favorite things about working for Alpine Gardens ?

Kris: We have the wonderful luxury of working in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.  The people at Alpine Gardens are wonderful to work with, as well as being passionate and amazingly talented.  Additionally, the people within the Fort Collins community are fantastic.  I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work for so many fascinating and friendly people.  Being able to create something beautiful and functional for someone’s home or property is very special.

We R FoCo: What would you like customers to know about your business?

Kris: Alpine Gardens has been around Northern Colorado for over 40 years.  It is still owned by its original owners, Jack and Chris Fetig, now in addition to their son Nate and his wife Heidi.  The company has installed thousands of landscapes over the years and takes pride in the knowledge gained, beautiful work completed and the friends made along the way.

We R FoCo: What makes Alpine Gardens different from other landscaping companies?

Kris: I think Alpine Gardens has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and resources, mixed with talent and passion.  Having our main office located at a nursery, our sister company Fossil Creek Nursery, is a huge advantage.  Not only is it a beautiful location, but it gives us the ability to work with our clients to offer a hands-on approach to plant selection and other material choices.  Having a maintenance division at Alpine Gardens gives our clients the option to seek guidance and assistance when needed to care for their properties.  Additionally, I think having a full time Customer Service/ Warranty Technician on staff makes our proactive approach to follow up and warranty concerns second to none in the industry.

We R FoCo: What do you like to do in your free time?

Kris: Anything outdoors like fly fish, Jeeping, golfing, or camping and attending any CSU athletic event.

We R FoCo: What’s your favorite color?

Kris: GREEN! We are known as the “Green Industry” and for CSU of course!


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