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Your Locally Owned Convenience Stores are Changing the Lives of Children

The place you fill your tank at every week just might be the one that contributed to the rescue of a neglected child in crisis last night.


You’re probably not wasting too much time thinking about the owners behind the company while you’re busy pumping Shell gas and chowing down on that Cliff bar you just snagged from the convenience store. But you should, and here’s why:


Schrader Oil Company has been around since 1937, which means they have 80 years’ worth of stories, four generations’ worth of experience, and one giant heart for the community around them. Schrader’s has a passion for providing for our city’s children and assisting them in becoming the best that they can be. This is why the company supports Realities for Children. Realities for Children provides for children in Northern Colorado who have been abused or neglected and steps in when all other resources have been exhausted. They believe that no child should be forgotten and provide many services including emergency funding, youth activities and special programs, and a facility space which is available for activities and partner agencies to use free of charge.



Six years ago, fourth generation owners Kyle and Eric Schrader were looking for a way to celebrate Schrader’s 75th anniversary.  They decided on a tricycle race to raise money and awareness for Junior Achievement and now Realities for Children. Each year, teams compete in a double elimination tricycle relay around a Grand Prix style track littered with obstacles and fans cheering wildly from the stands. The event has grown into quite a spectacle over the years! Teams show up in matching outfits and safety gear, hungry for a win. The tricycles are now custom built to accommodate adults, made out of the same metal used in race cars. Available for spectators is food, beer, music, and a great time as they support their friends frantically pedaling around the track.



While the event is undoubtedly a blast, we remember the cause that it is benefiting. Last year alone, 7,081 referrals of child abuse were reported just in Larimer County. Schrader Oil, a locally owned company, is doing their part to help our local children and is working to ensure that every child can live a happy, worry-free life. We love these stories about our community working together to make a difference. Together, we are Fort Collins.

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