10 Reasons to Shop Local in Fort Collins, CO

Have you ever fallen head over heals in love with a locally owned business? Whether it’s that dentist that you drive out of your way to go see or that store that carries that one of a kind flowers you can’t find anywhere else. Supporting the local economy goes so much deeper than finding those unique gifts or spectacular customer service – though that is a bonus! Learn more about the many reasons to shop local –


1. We are starting with the obvious here – it’s fun! Sometimes the endless scrolling on the Internet can make your head spin. We’ve all been stuck in that endless loop, where you just can’t decide. When shopping local, grab a friend, make a day of it! Plus, you can touch and feel everything in person – no need to guess if the color is just right! Shopping in person eliminates the guesswork.


2. Unique experiences are everywhere – plus they make the best gifts! Our city has a never-ending supply of new places and experiences to try. Next time you are looking for something new, try a brewery you’ve never heard of, catch a movie at the Holiday Twin Drive In, play a game at Pinball Jones, or grab some friends and head over to the Enigma Escape Room.


3. One-of-a-kind kids’ toys make the best gifts! Skip all the plastic junk that the big box stores offer – they will end up in the landfills anyway! We have one of the most unique, locally owned, businesses in northern Colorado – Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys. Walking inside, you’ll instantly feel like a kid again. Plus, these toys are quality – children will enjoy them for years to come!


4. Did you know small businesses are the largest employers nationally? Since the 1970s, more than 65 percent of new jobs have come from the rise in small business. By shopping local, you are supporting your neighbors and friends.


5. Interested in saving the environment? Locally owned businesses make more purchases requiring less transportation and set up shop in town or city centers, which generally means less congestion, habitat loss and pollution – win!


6. Your money stays local. You are helping Fort Collins schools, police and fire departments, plus so much more. When you shop small, the bulk of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local — beautifying our community, paving streets and keeping you safe.

According to the research firm Civic Economics, for every $100 you spend:

In a local small business, $68 stays in your community.

At a local branch of a chain store, $43 remains.

Online, virtually no money stays local.

7. Who doesn’t enjoy good customer service? It’s a rare value these days. Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of the products that they are selling and take more time to get to know their customers.


8. Volunteer for a local cause? The odds are that organization is supported by a small business. Small businesses donate almost twice as much to local, nonprofit events and teams compared to big companies.


9. Local businesses carry a wider variety of unique products because they buy for their individual markets. Looking for something unique? You can always find it locally!


10. You are making Fort Collins a destination! The more interesting and unique a community is, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and guests. This benefits everyone!


The reasons to shop local are tremendous. Without our local stores and businesses our town would have an entirely different feel. Help us to continue to growth and support of our unique and rare city – shop local today! View our full list of local businesses >>

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