TRIBE Team Training at Raintree Athletic Club

Whether you are a member at Raintree Athletic Club or not, their doors are open to everyone. With programs like TRIBE Team Training, Raintree Athletic Club is a great source to find the motivation and community needed to get fit!

Curious as to what the TRIBE Team Training program is all about? Let’s break it down!

TRIBE: During a 6-week period, your session will consist of a small group of the same people that you work out with each week. After training two times a week with these people, the group becomes more like a tribe that holds one another accountable for showing up and working hard.

Team: Each session, the tribe is guided by an experienced coach that develops the weekly training plans to guide the team to ultimate fitness.

Training: There are three different types of fitness that members can choose from including Tribe Fit (high intensity functional exercises), Tribe Life (high intensity, low impact) and Tribe Core (focus on back, belly, bum and shoulders).

How do Raintree-goers like this training format? Recently we connected with a TRIBE Team Training member and coach to find out!

From Member Bill Halvorsen –

  1. Why did you decide to participate in Tribe Team Training?

My wife talked me into it. I don’t come to the gym regularly, so it seemed like a good way to stay accountable.

  1. What is your favorite part about the trainings? 

I’m fairly competitive so the format of the program is really fun and challenging for me. It’s cool to compare new scores and times to my previous sessions and see how much I’ve improved.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish through the trainings?

I want to improve my overall athletic performance, but I’m also here just to enjoy my workouts in the Tribe studio. It’s an excellent stress reliever.

From TRIBE Team Training Head Coach Cori Crowl –

  1. How is teaching a Tribe class different from teaching any other fitness class?

The thing that makes TRIBE so different from other fitness classes is the accountability that then builds relationships. One of the reasons I love teaching TRIBE is because I know every person that I work with by name. I know what they do for work and about their families. The reason I know that is because I communicate with them throughout the week to make sure they are doing well physically and mentally. Throughout my time as a coach, I’ve learned that our sessions are more than just a workout, they really are a chance to build genuine relationships with members.

  1. How do your classes help cultivate a sense of community?

Our sessions create a sense of community because the members have the opportunity to spend 6 weeks with the same group of people. This allows them to build friendships and their own sense of community and accountability throughout our TRIBE. They begin to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and begin to naturally want to encourage their TRIBEmates. It is awesome to feel the energy in the room when everyone is working hard and being so supportive of each other while pushing each other.

       3.What do you like most about coaching TRIBE?

TRIBE is such a unique program that has opened so many opportunities for new relationships. When I coach tribe, I genuinely leave a session feeling so fulfilled after spending time with these individuals who not only push themselves but push the people around them. 


Interested in getting involved? Learn more at: http://www.raintreeathleticclub.com/tribe/

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