Ladies Doubles Tennis Tournament Raises Money for Crossroads Safehouse

Ladies Doubles Tennis Tournament Raises a Considerable Amount for Crossroads Safehouse


A group of tennis-loving women have come together to make a big difference for Crossroads Safehouse! At their annual Ladies Day Doubles Tennis Tournament, they raised over $27,000 for Crossroads Safehouse. This fundraiser was led by a committee of nine women including Helen Dungan, Eileen Heath, Sara Heskin, Peggy Johnson, Armelle Kesler, Jessica MacMillan, Trudy McCraken, Ingrid Parsons, and Diane Westlind. The Ladies Day Doubles Tennis Tournament brought together over 100 women who wanted to give back through the game of tennis.


“We all recognize the need for assistance in this area,” said Diane Westlind. “As a women’s only event, we all can identify with victims of abuse. Crossroads Safehouse is established as a professional and well-run facility in northern Colorado that we are always extremely happy to support.”


The event dates back to the 1980’s however the majority of the above committee members have been working on this annual event since 2009. Each year the women who participate continue to become more aware of the needs in our community, including victims of domestic violence. They were happy to come alongside and support Crossroads Safehouse, who provides vital and life changing serves to those who struggle in this area.


“There is something so powerful about the notion of a group of strong women joining forces to support a population of others in need,” said Lisa Poppaw. “Although Crossroads Safehouse does provide services for both women and men, predominantly the victims that seek shelter at Crossroads are female. We are incredibly grateful for this group of tennis players for taking it upon themselves to give back to a community in need and supporting Crossroads Safehouse’s work to put an end to the vicious cycle of domestic violence.”


Learn more about Crossroads Safehouse at

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