Todd Fields, A True Mentor

It’s rare to meet someone who is a real hero. I am not talking about someone who wears a cape or goes around the world solving crimes and bringing world peace. I mean someone who is bringing true change to our area by mentoring others. Todd Fields is a father to three children who were born and raised in Fort Collins, co-founded the Fort Collins Youth Lacrosse Association, coached youth lacrosse for 12 years, sat on the Board for SAVA, and remains an advocate for Christmas on Wheels and United Way. On top of these great accomplishments Todd has also become an advocate and coach for many of his colleagues at The Group Real Estate not only in business but also in life.

Todd has found a profound connection to pushing his body physically and how this correlates to to his personal growth. He has scaled Longs Peak 124 times, and many times is taking his colleagues and friends to coach them through the mental trials and tribulations that one faces in extreme circumstances. At 14,259 feet, Longs Peaks is one of the toughest 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation) in Colorado  with 15+ miles of terrain and a 5,000 ft. elevation gain. Longs can take 10-15 hours to complete and typically 50% of hikers do not reach the summit. It is highly recommended that hikers are experienced and well trained, as the trek is not a beginner 14er.

When you are climbing a 14er, you will naturally encounter your own internal demons. “I enjoy walking down the path with people and working through what these internal hurdles are.” It’s not always pretty. But working with others as they come full circle is what Todd looks forward to. “When they realize that they have finally made it and all of their hard work has come to fruition on the summit – that is the good stuff!” These lessons are completely transferrable to life, when  you have a large audacious goal – you might put up your own internal hurdles as to why you can’t do something, but you have to push through them to achieve what you want. If you can physically achieve a summit on one of the more difficult 14ers, imagine what else you can do if you simply keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Todd has had the pleasure of coaching over 60 people to complete Longs Peak. He takes all of these same principles when meeting with clients, friends,  acquaintances and more. In this world, there are people who stand around a room chatting with people but always have an eye on the door; they are always looking to see if someone better is about to walk through the door. Then there are people that see you, that truely want to engage with the person they see before them. This is Todd. He is always good for a funny, enlightening story and he is always there if you need a mentor. This makes Todd perfectly fit as a real estate agent. He has been a realtor for the past 25 years with The Group and is proud to walk anyone through the history of the brand, who has a deep connection to the Fort Collins area.

If you are ever in need of buying or selling your home or a coach to climb a 14er, we hope you reach out to Todd today! Click here to visit his website. 

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