CSU’s Women and Philanthropy – Celebrating Women Who are Making a Difference

Colorado State University knows that 45% of millionaires are women. 45% of single women give to charity compared to 40% of single men. And 90% of philanthropic decisions in high net worth households are made by women or influenced by women as an equal partner.

Past CSU president Tony Frank was determined to make the university the best possible place for women to both work and learn. In response to this charge, Frank created the Women’s Initiative. Women & Philanthropy was formed as a part of this initiative.

Women & Philanthropy’s mission is “to connect and empower a community to elevate women and philanthropy at CSU. We recognize the power of women and strive to connect them with their passion at CSU so that, through philanthropy, the world’s biggest challenges are solved.” It’s important to celebrate the women who are making a difference in the world, especially when they are changing Fort Collins, Colorado.

Here’s a few quotes from resilient CSU women:

“I admire the women who keep coming up to the surface, it doesn’t matter what happens, they just keep coming up to the surface.” 

Susan Harness, ’06, ‘16

“Who am I to say I can’t do this?”

Blanche Hughes, ’84, ’95

“There have been lots of contributions made by women over time, often history forgets those women. I think it is claiming not only what contributions you might have made and doing so unabashedly. I think it is important for us to do it for each other.”

Mary Ontiveros, ’73, ’79

“I’m just surrounded by people who have an impact on my life, and I can have an impact on their life.”

Brittany Rhanes
Recruiting Flight Commander, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment 90, Colorado State University

The resilient women of Women & Philanthropy will be at CSUnity, an event that gathers 2,000 volunteers for a day of service around Fort Collins. Learn more about this impactful event or sign up to volunteer here.


To join the movement of empowering and celebrating women in our community, go here

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