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Service, Compassion, and Professionalism at Nicol Law Offices

Justie Nicol has been described by clients as approachable, personable, and a great communicator. It’s no wonder the attorney and owner of her own law practice, Nicol Law Offices, is a client favorite. As a Colorado native and a CSU graduate, Justie has a passion for helping people in our community.

After serving as a prosecutor in a District Attorney’s office, working for the ACLU, and teaching police and new law students, Justie opened Nicol Law Offices in Fort Collins in 2015. Because of her diverse background and professional experience in multiple facets of law, Justie is highly qualified to take on cases that range from criminal defense to traffic issues to real estate law.

Operating as a solo attorney allows Justie to serve both client and community in unique ways. Her practice is designed to help students, veterans, and non-profits hire legal counsel at a discounted rate, and those with financial hardships are encouraged to contact Nicol Law Offices to discuss payment options. Justie also specializes in helping clients in rural areas that are underserved by experienced attorneys. Nicol Law Offices’ model of solo practice in conjunction with the use of the latest technology allows Justie to offer outstanding service at a reasonable price.

Justie serves a wide swath of Colorado encompassing the Front Range and the Eastern Plains all the way to the Kansas and Nebraska borders. Although her office is in Fort Collins, she can be available to meet almost anywhere in Northern Colorado. Unlike most attorneys, Justie does not charge her clients mileage to meet outside of her home office.

While Justie opened her practice with the intention of being her own boss, she also enjoys getting people the help that they need. She is constantly striving to make life easier for her clients, and her thoroughness, depth of experience, and compassion are evident in her practice.

To contact Justie at Nicol Law Offices today, click here.


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