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Savory Spice Fort Collins Kids Cooking Class

The Cooking Studio held a competitive Kids Cooking Class on Thursday, August 1 and invited owner, Susan Kirkpatrick of Savory Spice Fort Collins, to join in on the fun. Two teams of kids, ages 10-15 years old, went head to head creating multiple courses for judging. Using secret ingredients, chicken and strawberries, the kids created dishes using Savory Spice Fort Collins array of spices.

“The young people who took the cooking class impressed me with their creative use of spices for a range of dishes and for their teamwork in class. Judging their food was fun and delicious,” Susan said.

Savory Spice Fort Collins and The Cooking Studio collaborate often for classes and events. Be sure to follow Savory Spice Shop Fort Collins on Facebook for news on upcoming events, new products in-store, sales, and more.


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