OtterBox Brings a New Line of Hard Coolers to the Market

Did you know that OtterBox has expanded their offerings beyond their widely known cell phone cases? Translating their technology of creating cases for electronic devices that provide the ultimate protection, they now have a line of hard coolers that are manufacture to help food and refreshments last whether you are venturing into the outdoors or hosting a gathering at home.

We recently caught up with them to learn more about the intricacies of their Venture cooler lines:

What inspired the Otter Box team to start making coolers?

OtterBox was founded as an outdoor company with a line of rugged, waterproof dryboxes. These products evolved over the years into smartphone cases, which grew the company rapidly. We’ve really perfected the smartphone protection business and started a few years ago to explore where else we could leverage our expertise. It made sense to get back to our roots as a rugged outdoor company. The Venture coolers were a great extension since they are made using the same process as our cases.

What sets the Otter Box coolers apart from competitors?

OtterBox coolers are injection molded (vs. rotomolded). This process results in a very durable and consistent product. The consistency of our manufacturing process allowed us to make the coolers modular. An external rail system allows you to slide on accessories, such as cup holders and dryboxes. Inside, a dry storage tray nests into the top of the cooler, while slots allow you to add dividers to keep your cooler organized. The durable handles can be used to attach accessories as well (side tray) and can serve as a tie-down point.

Where does Otter Box get inspiration from for the aesthetic designs placed on coolers?

The OtterBox cooler design actually started with the original OtterBox dry box. We wanted them to look as rugged and durable as they are. 

What is the ideal target market for an Otter Box cooler? What types of activities would they use it for?

The great thing about OtterBox coolers is that they can effectively be used by anyone. The modularity of the cooler allows people to customize it to their use. It’s ready for a week-long excursion into the backcountry (ice life on the Venture 65 is up to two weeks) or great for a backyard BBQ.

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