Houska Car Giveaway at Lagoon

There’s nothing we love more than hearing about members of our community reaching out and making a difference in someone’s life. It’s the love that we have for each other that makes Fort Collins such a special place to live. Houska Automotive strives to give back to the Fort Collins community and does so through multiple events throughout the year by donating blood, hosting fundraisers, or even giving away vehicles to help a single mom in need. Most recently, Houska Automotive had its yearly car giveaway in partnership with Project Self-Sufficiency at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series.

A used Hyundai Sonata may not seem like it has the power to change a life. But when it was donated to single mom Meybol, it changed more than a life. Meybol is new to Project Self-Sufficiency and in her career exploration stage. Having a vehicle will help break down barriers for finding a good job, transporting her family, and empower her to be self-sufficient. The Hyundai Sonata opens a whole new world for Meybol and her daughter.

Houska Automotive has been donating used cars to hardworking and deserving single parents for 10 years at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series. “We are fortunate to be in a position where we can provide a family with a critical need,” explained Jen Houska. “We hope it’ll serve as a catalyst for Meybol to build a better future with her daughter.”

Project Self-Sufficiency serves to assist low-income, single parents in their efforts to achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance while building and maintaining strong, healthy families. The program assists parents in becoming stable in the areas of housing, food, healthcare, childcare, transportation, and more. Parents then develop a plan to budget, enroll in classes, and apply for financial aid and scholarships. Project Self-Sufficiency is able to help bring dreams to a reality as participants in the program search for jobs, work at internships, and eventually land a job in their chosen career field. Participants leaving the program are fully equipped with the skills and experience to lead a completely different life.

Houska Automotive exemplifies the We R Foco mission of being local, spending local, and giving local. We are so thankful to have them as members of this program and selflessly demonstrating what it means to be part of our community. We R Foco, are you?


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