Feisty Spirits Whisky Selection

Feisty Spirits: Fort Collins’ First Craft Distillery

Colorado State University graduates Jamie Gulden and Joan Eurich have made what sounds like a dream job for themselves, “Professional Whiskey Taster”. But its not all just fun and games; their goals are much deeper than that. They are working to build a community minded business that creates unique products that taste better than what is commonly available. From this idea, Feisty Spirits was born to create “Non-conformist Whiskey for Feisty Souls” and has won 25 medals for their products so far.

Feisty Spirits started in 2012 and became the first craft distillery in Fort Collins and they are one of the oldest producing distilleries in Northern Colorado. They ferment and distill hand-crafted small-batch whiskeys from start to finish which is something not all craft distilleries do. The distilling team has a passion for stepping outside of normal distillery comfort zones, trying new flavors, ingredients and mash bills.

As part of their community focus this distillery sources locally whenever possible, and uses natural and organic ingredients in their whiskey. Feisty Spirits also produces batches with local nonprofits in mind, donating part of the product profits to those organizations.

The owners love to show the public their process whenever possible. Feisty Spirits offers free distillery tours where they show off their stills and teach about the whiskey-making process. They also offer a private Barrel Room Tasting where the owners will teach you how to get the most from your whiskey by tasting it right from the barrel.

Feisty Spirits is your next stop for all things whiskey, with a local Fort Collins spin, and is sure to leave you wanting more.

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