Going Green with Exodus Moving

Fort Collins works hard to be more sustainable, and many of its locally owned companies do the same. But what steps can a moving company take to be more eco-friendly?

Of all the things humans do that negatively impact the environment, moving houses probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. But when you think about it, the process of moving lands many items in the dump, it uses a lot of packing materials, and consumes a lot of fuel transporting all your items (and family members).  Naturally, many moving companies leave a pretty large carbon footprint. But our local Fort Collins moving company Exodus is proud to call themselves “green movers”. In fact, they were awarded the 2010 Green Affiliate of the Year by the Fort Collins Board of Realtors.

It starts with packaging. Exodus loves to reuse boxes, which is more effective than just recycling them. All new boxes are made from recycled cardboard. They offer free moving boxes to the public that have been used time and time again. Once you’re finished with your boxes, you can return them to Exodus and they’ll pass them along to the next person. In lieu of tape, Exodus loves to use wide rubber bands to secure blankets and pads around furniture. They’ll actually avoid cardboard boxes whenever possible and instead use plastic totes because they last longer and eventually create less waste.

When it comes to the actual transportation of your belongings, Exodus is very conscientious of their truck usage. When customers have a lot to move, they offer a tractor trailer instead of two trucks to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. Also, one of their trucks runs completely on used vegetable oil instead of gasoline.

At Exodus, they love to go beyond just recycled cardboard boxes. Exodus partners with the nonprofit organization Trees, Water & People. This non-profit was founded in 1998 to help promote sustainability. The program helps local businesses to minimize waste and to think about the environment throughout the work place. When you hire Exodus, they will plant one tree to help offset CO2 emissions. Over the course of each year, Exodus is able to plant about 2000 trees which offsets about 2000 metric tons of CO2 output!

We R Foco loves to highlight all of the things that these incredible locally owned businesses are doing for Fort Collins. It takes a community-wide effort to put Fort Collins at #10 in the nation for most environmentally friendly cities (2016 study according to Value Penguin). Step by step, tree by tree, these are the companies that have made Fort Collins into the beautiful city that you and I love to live in.

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