Fort Collins Nursery Offering Winter Classes

Gardening….. It is both fun and rewarding, but it also has its challenges! Whether you are figuring out the ropes to horticulture or you are a seasoned pro, you might have a few questions on how to be successful (and you are not alone!). Fort Collins Nursery is your one-stop resource for answers to all of your questions!


From the beginning, gardening requires research.   Keeping plants healthy, maintained, and alive is more complex than just  which soil to choose. Some people need to develop annual seed starting calendars, while others have to figure out how to work with  unique growing conditions or smaller garden footprints. In Colorado, we have dry seasons and intense sunlight. It can be a learning curve in itself to make sure plants are getting the water they need to survive and flourish.


Perhaps outdoor gardening is not what you are looking for, but instead you want to learn how to keep a houseplant alive. No matter what questions  you might have, or what you want to learn, Fort Collins Nursery is here to be a resource. Offering different classes every year, they are currently on their second month of their 2019 Winter Workshop. With all gardening skill levels welcomed, the nursery provides passionate instructors that you can really connect with. They not only can provide expertise with growing plants in Fort Collins, but they can help you learn beneficial techniques to be successful for where you are at in your journey to becoming a better gardener.


“We have been offering these classes at this time of year for decades,” said Jesse Eastman, Owner and General Manager. “We find that it is the perfect time of year for plant lovers to come together and start thinking about what they will be doing during the upcoming gardening season.”


At the beginning of February, the nursery is offering a great opportunity for all customers to purchase houseplants on sale. They also have posted some  exciting classes to gear up for spring, including:


• Micro-Farming: Big Food, Small Spaces

• Houseplant Care

• The Wonder of the Spring Garden

• Dwarf Conifers You’ll Grow To Love


For people who come from all backgrounds and who want to learn in an encouraging space, you can click here to stay up-to-date on Fort Collins Nursery’s future classes and workshops. If you have any questions that don’t pertain to a specific class on the schedule above, swing by the nursery in person their employees would love to help you achieve your botanical goals!

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