Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning: Charity of the Month

Constantly striving to make a difference in Northern Colorado, Glenn Frank has inspired employees at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (FCHA) to value generosity and a community mindset. As the owner of the successful company, Frank has incorporated philanthropy into the FCHA culture since the beginning. The community-driven promise isn’t something that you can find at a large corporation, and this unique quality creates a local dynamic and mission statement that is hard to match. Although the company has always been a huge proponent for charity donations, there has been a desire to grow and become even more involved.


In 2018, Frank and his Marketing Administrator, Rachel Wagner, attended a conference that fueled their curiosity. Inspired by a guest speaker, the two of them began to discuss their challenges and how to seize more opportunities. They came to the conclusion that they had been repeatedly donating to the same organizations because it was comfortable. Feeling like they weren’t educated on what else was out there, they decided to challenge themselves with one critical question: how could they donate more and still benefit the company?


November FCHA Charity of the Month: Alzheimer’s Association, Colorado Chapter

In the summer of 2018, Charity of the Month was created. A program that encourages participation, effort, and serving closer to home, they donate $1,000 every month to a different local charity. The catch? Customers vote on the receiving charity by being subscribed to  FCHA’s email and newsletter.


“It encourages customers to interact more, and it is growing every month” commented Wagner. “We send emails to businesses, customers, and organizations, and it just continues to help spread our charity around. You can sign up on our website to vote each month.”


Wagner also expressed that the program’s success has confirmed it will be a long-term  initiative. Although they are incredibly excited about where they currently are, FCHA is still dedicated to growing and hopes to be able to increase the amount they donate each month.


October FCHA Charity of the Month: 3Hopeful Hearts

You can get involved and show your support for FCHA and local non-profit organizations by clicking here to sign up for  the newsletter. If you have a charity you want to recommend, you can click here to submit your  suggestion.


“Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care”


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