Fort Collins Country Club- Where everybody knows your name!

Sure, everyone knows the Fort Collins Country Club as the premier country club in the northern Colorado region, but anyone who calls the club home knows it is so much more than that.

Since 1959, the Fort Collins Country Club has provided a space for members of all ages and neighborhoods to come together and thrive as a community. Its broad amenities and events, ranging from youth camps and workout classes to professional seminars and holiday parties, caters to a diverse group of people who all have the same goal of enriching their lives.

Between the camaraderie and the longstanding traditions enforced by the club, members, employees and guests alike feel less like another number in the membership book and more like a part of a large family.

By cultivating this culture of unity and friendship, it only makes sense to the club and its members to step up and show solidarity when times get rough for one of their own, and it was no exception when the mother of an employee in the tennis department was battling breast cancer.

The club banded together and executed its first annual Fight for Life Breast Cancer Awareness Tennis Tournament. The tournament had 50 participants and it raised $2,500 for Hope Lives!, a local charity that provides supportive services to local breast cancer fighters.

Whether it’s coming together for a fundraising effort, a celebration of a milestone, or just relaxing by the pool, the Fort Collins Country Club serves as a supportive oasis in the community.

If you would like to learn about making the Fort Collins Country Club your home away from home, visit




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