A Community Nonprofit Saving Lives

Physical, emotional, verbal, social, sexual, financial and stalking. These are all types of domestic violence. Do you know how prevalent the violence is in our community? One in four men and one in three women suffer from domestic violence, and many times they suffer in silence.


Since 1980, Crossroads Safehouse has been providing safe shelter to those in imminent danger, as well as providing outreach to our community in many ways. The shelter provides some of the comforts of home like a boutique and pet fostering. It also provides advocacy and access to legal advice and representation. All genders are welcome at Crossroads, a 29,000 square foot facility with 32 family suites and 104 beds. In 2017, the average shelter stay was the highest it has ever been: 40 days and more families than ever staying the maximum 56 days.


Crossroads Safehouse saves lives every year by providing shelter, advocacy and support at scenes of domestic violence crimes, education and prevention. In 2017, they served more than 3,000 people through their programs and services. Through their Time to Talk program, a peer-led dating violence prevention program presented in every Poudre School District High School, Crossroads reached about 1,500 students. Because of Time to Talk, 96 percent of students reported in evaluations that they knew more about identifying the warning signs of an abusive relationship. Thirty staff members and more than 245 volunteers allow Crossroads to field more than 10,000 non-crisis calls for information, referrals and assistance and more than 1,600 calls to their Crisis Line, staffed by victim advocates (an average of more than 30 per week).


Crossroads Safehouse is truly a community nonprofit – they save lives. If you find yourself or someone else in your life suffering from domestic violence, the Crisis Line (970.482.3502 or 888.541.SAFE) is staffed by an advocate 24/7. If you are looking for a way to make a financial impact to this live-saving organization, reach out to Crossroads to discover ways to give today at

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