Associates in Family Medicine Offers Mommy & Me Classes

Since 1962, Associates in Family Medicine (AIFM) has been a trustworthy resource for Northern Colorado families seeking medical care. A business that has made a large impact on the health of our community, they now offer nine full-service offices and have more than 50 medical providers. Popular for their wholehearted approach to health, they are also  known for their compassion, hospitality, and expertise with current mothers or women who are expecting.


With professionals who specialize in Obstetrics, AIFM personalizes each woman’s care plan and can be a strong system of support throughout  pregnancy. From the first prenatal visit to hospital delivery, their professionals are available to guide you and to be more than just your doctor. As local staff members who  truly care, AIFM’s team understands the journey that is growing and carrying a baby and what adjustments a patient can expect when becoming a mother.


Knowing that the transition to motherhood can be challenging, AIFM was inspired to begin a weekly class that helps educate women during their transformation with a community-based foundation and a knowledge-sharing focus. Mommy & Me provides a friendly atmosphere, professional help, and mom-to-mom support. AIFM strives to use this class as a tool to help women not to feel alone during the early months of their baby’s life, as well as help them build confidence as expecting mothers and new mothers.


Every Monday at 10AM, this ongoing class is available to attend at the AIFM Richmond Drive Fort Collins location. Attendees can expect to learn about nutrition, physical activity, body image, feeding, parenting, sleep patterns, postpartum emotions, and relationships. Although this class is a great source of information for first-time moms, all experienced moms are encouraged and welcomed to join as well. Women are also encouraged to breastfeed during class, as each class educator is trained and certified in lactation. They are able to help with any questions or techniques.


If you are interested in attending this class or are looking for more information, you can click here to visit AIFM’s website or call 970-204-0300.


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