62,000 Reasons to Give to Crossroads Safehouse

For nearly 40 years, Crossroads Safehouse has provided a wide range of life-saving services to victims of domestic violence in Larimer County. In this time, thousands of calls from victims have been placed into the Crossroads Safehouse 24/7 Helpline (970-482-3502). With each call for help comes a different story of need.

To date, an estimated 62,000 stories of desperation have been shared with staff at Crossroads Safehouse.

In response, the caring and dedicated staff at Crossroads Safehouse has stayed committed to listening with a caring ear and taking action by providing services including offering therapeutic outlets, safehousing, legal advice and much more.

In light of commemorating 40 years of providing life-saving services, Crossroads Safehouse has launched their 62,000 Reasons to Give campaign. With financial support from The Group Real Estate’s GroupGives, their board members, and Dr. Peter Springberg, they have set a lofty goal to raise $62,000 and they are enlisting the help of our community members to reach it!

Your support of this campaign will help Crossroads Safehouse continue to provide these life-saving services to victims like Ellen.

“At the time that I talked to a counselor at Crossroads Safehouse, my life was in a terrible place. My husband and I were separating after months of abuse, and I was sleeping on friends’ couches and had nowhere to go. My co-workers suggested Crossroads and it was lifesaving for me,” Ellen.

Help put an end to the vicious cycle of domestic violence by visiting the 62,000 Reasons to Give page for more information and donate today!

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