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Winter Workshops to Get Ready For Spring

In preparation for the upcoming growing season, there is more to know more than just planting and watering. Fort Collins Nursery is holding multiple, highly anticipated, winter workshops to put you ahead before the spring arrives!


If you are looking to improve your gardening skills and learn new techniques, this year’s courses cover a variety of gardening topics and are presented by Colorado’s top experts in gardening and agriculture!


Not a gardener? Known to be a plant killer? Or maybe you want to brighten your green thumb? Everyone can benefit from these workshops and can have an impact on much more than yourself.


The 2020 winter workshops are all beginner friendly but give the intermediate and advanced gardeners a challenge as well. From cut flower gardening, to pruning trees and shrubs, to planting a better world through wildlife friendly gardens, there is a wide range of topics to choose from. Trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and houseplants will all have a moment in the spotlight throughout the workshop series.


For instance, the “Gardening Tips for Colorado Newcomers” workshop will provide tips and tricks to managing your vegetable garden, growing a healthy lawn, and how to select the best trees for your backyard landscape! Then the “Wildscaping 101 – Planting a Better World for Birds & People” workshop will highlight how to create a wildlife friendly garden, providing a small habitat for birds.


Fort Collins Nursery wants to educate you and help you become better growers and gardeners! Winter workshops will help simplify the growing process and create excitement for warmer weather ahead. This 4-week series starts on January 25th and ends on Feb. 15th. There will be two 2-hour classes offered on each Saturday of the week from $18-$22 per class.


For details, times, the list of the events, and to register please visit:

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