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Willett Whiskey Dinner 2019 to Support the Wilbur’s Breast Cancer Fund

Wilbur’s Total Beverage is committed to supporting our community in many ways!


Wilbur’s Total Beverage participates in multiple fundraisers each year. One that is very special to Wilbur’s is the Wilbur’s Breast Cancer Fund at the UCHealth Foundation.

To support this fund and foundation, Wilbur’s is hosting a Willett Whiskey dinner on November 6th at 6pm at The Moot House. 

This special evening is dedicated to the Wilbur’s Breast Cancer Fund, and will include a 4 course dinner and 8 cask strength whiskeys from Willet. 


The 4 course meal includes diverse tasteful meals, perfect to be paired with whiskey:

  • House-made pretzels and mustard
  • Smoked goat cheese, cardamom poached pear, frisee, charred orange vinaigrette
  • Cedar plank scallop, dirty rice croquette, etouffee
  • Tepache glazed pork belly, duck fat potato fondant, charred rapini
  • Teres major, huitlacoche duxelle, kabocha squash puree 
  • Olive oil cake, Copoco’s honey comb, “Old Fashioned” orange reduction


In addition, enjoy a variety of whiskey tastings ranging from 4-14 years aged.

Tickets cost $250 per person – go ahead and purchase them HERE. 100% of ticket sales will go back to the Wilbur’s Breast Cancer fund at UCHealth, so come out and enjoy a tasty evening while supporting an important cause!

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