Pathways – Growing Alongside the Community

Northern Colorado is lucky to have Pathways, a nonprofit that provides hospice care, palliative care, and grief and loss support, in its midst. Pathways has served this community since 1978 and strives to honor every moment of life. Now, with two locations in Larimer and Weld Counties, countless members in the area have utilized Pathways’ services and have been cared for and heard by the compassionate staff.

As Northern Colorado has grown over the years, so has Pathways. Although those living in Weld County have been able to receive hospice and palliative care from Pathways for many years, a physical location opened in Greeley in 2017 to better serve this area. Since 2017, the Weld location has been steadily growing and taking on more and more services. In the summer of 2018, a volunteer services coordinator was brought on to help organize the growing number of volunteers.

The Larimer County location reaches thousands every year with their hospice care, palliative care, and community counseling sessions. These counseling sessions reach broad age groups and demographics, aiming to provide support for every single person that is experiencing grief or a life limiting illness, in any capacity. This covers recent widows and widowers, caregivers, children, families, and men’s support groups. The sessions are very popular with Pathways’ patients’ families and those grieving who didn’t utilize the hospice services. Those who attend learn different outlets for their grief and experience groups of people who understand their pain.

This summer, the Weld County facility will be starting grief and loss classes similar to the Larimer location. By providing another location for these classes, Pathways will be able to reach many more people and help them cope with grief.  Not only can they physically reach a larger number of people, but it will be so much easier for those living in Weld County to get to the classes.

With the growth of the Greeley location, Pathways needs our support even more. If you have a heart for helping people, find information about volunteering on their website at pathways-care.org/volunteer. There will be another volunteer training in July.

If interested in supporting Pathways financially, please visit pathways-care.org/ways-to-give or attend one of the upcoming fundraisers listed and updated at pathways-care.org/ways-to-give-events.

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