A Thriving Small Business with a Heart for Community

Fort Collins is a community that is made of numerous small businesses. At Home Realty is one of them, which consists of a team of two amazing people: the owner, Brendan Mahoney, and his colleague, Kimberly Carman.


Brendan has plenty of expertise in real estate, which allows him to provide insight on how to make wise investments. He is actively engaged in the market and knows the Fort Collins area in a way that only a true local could. Kimberly, a licensed assistant and the office manager, is At Home Realty’s fixed point of contact. She provides quick answers to all questions, excellent customer service, and helps market listings with her eye for professional design. Both having lived here since they were teenagers, they now work in Old Town to provide the best services possible to our community.


“What I like most about being a small business is that it’s just my assistant and me,” said Brendan. “We both genuinely care about our clients. Sometimes with larger businesses, you end up with employees who treat clients like a number. Every person we work with is someone we get to know on a personal level, so we can really look out for their interests and connect.”


At Home Realty not only genuinely cares about their customer relationships, but they also are actively involved in the Fort Collins community. They have donated to The Matthew’s House, SAVA, Coats and Boots, La Cochina, the Foundation Music School, the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and more. The programs they support are community-centric and focus on Fort Collins’s quality of life by addressing issues such as housing concerns, mental health, life skills and youth mentoring.


“Having grown up in this town, I have found that people who give to the arts and socially conscious organizations are the ones who really make Fort Collins remarkable,” commented Brendan.


Before starting At Home Realty, Brendan worked for Houska Automotive. He worked there for almost 10 years and found that his coworkers had become family.


“Houska Automotive provided a great example for running a small business and operating with integrity. Watching their generosity and warmth and how they give back was a huge inspiration for me and my goals,” he said.


Brendan began working as a broker for more than seven years. When some transitions began happening in his work place, he was inspired to team up with a colleague and create At Home Realty. Several years into the beginning of At Home Realty, Brendan and his partner’s specialties grew apparent. His partner teamed up with another property management company, while Brendan continued in residential real estate sales. In May of 2016, Kimberly joined At Home Realty as their office manager and then became licensed in 2018. 2019 marks 12 years for Brendan as a realtor and five years of him owning At Home Realty!


If you are looking for a professional real estate team in Fort Collins that actively pours into our community and cares about building personal relationships, At Home Realty would be a fantastic choice for you. Brendan and Kimberly provide experience, education and support for your your biggest investment yet!


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