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Schrader Oil – The History

Did you know Fort Collins is home to a business that has been owned by the same local family since 1937? Schraders is now a four-generation family, and if you ever have a chance to meet them, you quickly understand that the love of the industry really has been passed down to each generation. This made us wonder, how many locally owned store chains are there in Colorado? In fact, they are rather rare these days. From our research, we can only find about 10 or so companies of this structure in the entire state of Colorado. Of the 10 or so that are still in operation, Schraders would be the second largest with its 18 convenience stores here in Northern Colorado!

As you can imagine, being in business since the 1930s presents a huge history of growth that has developed right alongside the city of Fort Collins. Take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of these great moments in Schraders’ history.

Wayne Schrader looks on as an operator receives an appreciation award presented by Phillips Petroleum Company at our Prospect and College loaction in the 1970s.
Wayne Schrader
#410 830 S. College aka Country Store 1 - 1987
#400 Campus West - Fall 1990

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