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Please Wear Your Masks!

It seems like just yesterday we could go into a restaurant, order our food, and sit down with our friends and family with no worry of getting sick. However, today’s reality is a world with coronavirus, and we are having to adapt to a new way of living and doing things. One new thing is wearing masks out in public. This recommendation has been put into place in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to help protect people from getting sick. Yet, with many businesses having to remain open during these scary times because they are deemed essential, a lot of workers are being expected to show up to work and potentially be exposed to COVID-19. This is why we are asking you to be kind and considerate and wear a mask when choosing to enter into Fort Collins businesses.

We understand that this is a strange new world and wearing a mask may feel awkward or even embarrassing at first. But we want to encourage you to consider the employees of these establishments and their families because they could be concerned about going into work, but do not have a choice when it comes to working and providing for their loved ones. Wearing a mask can offer employees more peace of mind in knowing that customers are doing their part in preventing the spread.

Masks prevent individuals’ respiratory secretions from landing on others. A single cough can produce nearly 3,000 droplets, and speaking alone can produce over 1,000 droplets, all invisible to the human eye. These droplets can land on surfaces and survive for hours, if not days. This is how coronavirus spreads. However, a face mask can catch and absorb a lot of these droplets so that they do not land on surfaces that could potentially be touched by others. When wearing a mask, you, and the workers alike, can be a bit more comforted knowing everybody is doing their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and taking the proper precautions.  So, while face masks tend to be symbolic for a pandemic era, it is also a symbol of respect and consideration for our Fort Collins workers who are still performing and helping the community during these times of uncertainty. Please do your part in keeping our wonderful city a safe place. The people of Fort Collins are known for supporting and caring for one another; let us unite in during this pandemic to be considerate of others and wear our masks!

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