OtterBox Celebrates 21 Years

From Dry-boxes to Cell Phone Cases, OtterBox Celebrates 21 Years!


Long before cell phones needed cases, OtterBox’s story began with a love for the outdoors and a literal box.

At the time, owners Curt and Nancy Richardson did not have much. Curt was known for passionately tinkering and creating new things. A serial entrepreneur, his contract tooling and manufacturing businesses led to dead ends. Until, he created his own product – the Dry-box.

The intention was simple. He wanted to create a protective case that would keep precious personal items dry while he was out in nature. At the time, his invention was one-of-a-kind and the demand for this product would become enough to land the Richardson’s the birth of their new company, OtterBox.

Why the name “OtterBox”? Well, they were selling protective boxes at the time, so that seemed natural. And the otter simply stemmed from their love for nature and the desire to connect their business to an animal in the wild that is playful and fun.

Now, fast forward over two decades, and OtterBox has expanded their product offerings well beyond dry-boxes and is celebrating their 21st anniversary. Offering a range of hardy products including cell phone and iPad cases, coolers, tumblers and more, OtterBox is known to produce some of the best protective cases on the market. With an office, storefront and two warehouses, OtterBox has grown to employ 1,000 passionate employees and has helped Fort Collins thrive.

As the company has grown and seen international success, the Richardson’s have not forgotten life before OtterBox. Living close to the poverty line while raising two young boys, they remember the times they struggled to put food on the table. They credit their success in the beginning greatly to the support that they received from their friends and family in the Fort Collins community. And that is why they are on a mission to give back through the OtterCares Foundation.

The mission of OtterCares is to inspire young entrepreneurs and philanthropists to continue to think creatively and create new things – much like Curt did back in his tinkering days. Through supporting an array of youth initiatives, they hope to ignite a new generation of thinkers, makers and doers to continue to push innovation, meet the world’s needs and create real change.

We are excited to see how OtterBox and OtterCares continue to grow and positively impact our community in the years to come. Congratulations on 21 amazing years in business!

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