Why this mama uses a local travel agency…

When I am traveling alone or with my family, there is always a sense of unrest, as you can never truly control what you many encounter. From the stress of losing your bags to missing connections or navigating a flight with small children, traveling can be stressful to say the least! With the ease of booking flights online, it may seem easy and even convenient to book your next trip yourself. In this new age of technology, most may not even think twice. Recently, on my last trip with my two-year-old daughter, we hit an unexpected hiccup. Our flight was cancelled – eek! Insert every parent’s worst nightmare. It was past lunchtime, a meltdown was about to ensue, the line to re-book was growing by the second, and I really needed to run to the restroom.


Let me take a step back – we have all been there. Kids or not, that moment when your travel plans just took a turn for the worst and you’re on your own. It may be in the middle of the night, in a city you’ve never been, or in a closed airport. Or the dreaded lost bag villain has finally chosen you in the middle of a snowstorm. This always happens at an airport where all of the staff has mysteriously disappeared and no one is there to help you or direct you to the service desk.


Kayak, Google Flights, Expedia – they are happy to help you find a flight, but in the middle of the night or while you stare at your daughter about to enter the meltdown danger zone? They cannot help you now. What do you do?


This is where the art of travel agents comes in. Danna, our travel agent at New Horizons Travel, is my calm in the storm. I call Danna nervously as my daughter starts anxiously whining, “Mama, I’m hunnnngggry!” as we bolt to the nearest food shop. After a quick explanation, Danna tells me she will work out a solution and call me back in 10 minutes and reminds me to take a deep breath – I actually do…in and out. Ten minutes later, my daughter and I have victoriously found snacks, and I have run to the restroom. I look over at the rebook line and it’s now a mile long. Danna gives us a call back with a plan. “Ok, I got you on the next flight to Dallas, TX in 30 minutes. Then you have a connecting flight to Denver, CO. What else can I do for you?” Insert the harmonious angels singing here – success!


This is why we chose to book our travel with New Horizons Travel, the customer service is bar-none. It doesn’t matter the time of day or the issue. Their team drops everything to get you on your way quickly and professionally. Plus, when you book, you are talking to travel experts. So if you are looking for a certain experience or extra savings, they take the time to scour all of their sources to find the best experience for you. They have been around for 38 years and have been supporting the community since the beginning. When you invest with them, you are supporting Fort Collins as a city we all love – not Kayak headquarters, in Stamford, CT.


I hope you choose local in all aspects of your life but especially when you travel. It’s the best kind of travel insurance knowing you have someone who actually cares as a phone call away. Visit their website today!

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