Our mantra is our mission: we are a marketing company who partners creatively with those who value their RELATIONSHIPS and brand.


Let’s start at the very beginning.
Founded 25 years ago, our company visionary was a young woman on a mission to help family-owned small businesses of the world succeed; from there The Mantooth Marketing Company was born. Together we live out our purpose as defined by our company name: strong lead in Native American Cherokee.


Since leaving the corporate world to start The Mantooth Marketing Company, our founder Connie Hanrahan, and our band of merry makers have been serving northern Colorado in all areas of marketing, event planning, and public relations. We are proud to work with many locally owned businesses and organizations in the region and we would love to add your business to our Fort Collins marketing agency’s growing family. There is nothing we enjoy more than talking about our clients and being part of their success. In other words, we sing your praises.


Just like our mascot, Georgie the Boston Terrier, our loyalty runs deep. Our successes with clients come directly from our belief that every decision is based on a possible relationship; not only our own relationship with clients but also how the community views their relationship with you.


Ironically Mantooth employees are 90% women, but we fill the role of ‘strong lead’ from our namesake quite well. And the dog, well if you chat with Connie for just a few minutes, you’ll quickly understand how her dog Georgie, the free-spirited Boston Terrier, became the official Mantooth mascot. You see, Georgie represents everything about Mantooth; she’s loyal, playful, alert, curious, gives unconditionally, and is even a little feisty.


We value COMMUNITY engagement and consider ourselves leaders with an active staff; authentic relationships with the people and companies we align ourselves with; COMMITMENT to the work we have been trusted to create; RESPECT for ourselves and those we interact with; and we do what we say and say what we do with the upmost INTEGRITY.

We choose to work with clients who understand the importance of supporting the community in which they live. We believe in this so much, we even hired a community strategist to bring ideas and organizations to the forefront of your business plan, in turn while also evangelizing your community passions and interests to those we meet.


“Mantooth has played an integral part in the reinvention of the Fort Collins Country Club and has been and continues to be an outstanding partner. The quality of the work is second-to-none, and their responsiveness and ease of working with the staff has made my job easier. Mantooth has grown our social media presence leaps and bounds in a short period of time, and their help in navigating our local community has helped us to be very targeted in our approach to public relations. It is just plain fun to work with energizing and creative people, and we consider the entire Mantooth staff part of our family.”


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