Knowledgable Staff at Bullhide 4×4 Makes A Difference For Service

When it comes to finding the “best” service in the automotive industry, a lot of your experience will be determined by how knowledgeable the staff is at the shop you visit. Fortunately, for residents in Fort Collins and the greater northern Colorado region, Bullhide 4×4 is an easy choice when finding a shop that can answer any question thrown to them. Their team is led by Store Manager Ray Schleppy and Assistant Manager Tom Niesent.  We sat down with these two to dive into what sets Bullhide 4×4 apart from others in town.

How long have you been working for Bullhide 4×4?

Tom: I’ve been working at Bullhide for the last 14 years and in the industry since 1995 when I purchased my first vehicle.

Ray: I’m proud to say that I’ve been with Bullhide 4×4 for 16 years. I joined the team in 2003 after Susan & Scott opened the College Ave location. My experience dates back to when I was a young boy – building Jeeps with my dad.

What is your specialty here at Bullhide?

Tom: Jeeps and Toyotas have been a strong suit for me.  We see a lot of them in the northern Colorado area and I’m excited to serve these customers when they call or visit Bullhide.

Ray: I specialize in early model vehicles dating back as far as 1941 and work with today’s models for all vehicles.

Why is working “local” important to you and what do you enjoy most about working for a local business?

Tom: As a Fort Collins native, I want to support local business by working at and spending my money at other local businesses. It’s important to me to support local businesses, because I want to keep my money in our community. I also enjoy seeing old classmates and people I grew up with as customers in the shop.

Ray: I moved to Fort Collins in 1989 and fell in love with this city, it has grown a lot since then, but it still has that small-town feeling.  Serving with the same customers year after year is a good feeling.  They trust me and keep coming back. What I enjoy most about working for Bullhide 4×4 is the family environment. Mail order/website shopping has no personality, yet every customer that walks through our doors does.  Furthermore, it allows me to work with generations of local families.

How do you and your team at Bullhide 4×4 support the Fort Collins community?

Tom: We always aim to purchase from Fort Collins shops, whenever possible, rather than restoring to looking for items online. Collaboratively, as a shop, we also like to give back to local non-profits through donations and we also work with dealers in town to upfit vehicles for the lot or for a specific customer request.

Ray: Our shop is always supporting several children’s advocacy centers in Colorado. In addition, we support all of the 4-wheel drive clubs and are happy to offer military discounts.

What are a few of your favorite local businesses that you frequent in Fort Collins?

Tom: I have purchased both a new and a used vehicle from local dealerships like Tynan’s Nissan and Fort Collins Dodge.  My kids are active in sports and dance and we love supporting the City of Fort Collins for their sports programs and the Studio for dance class.  My family and I also like visit local restaurants in Fort Collins to support small businesses.

Bullhide is proud to serve the Fort Collins community for all of your 4×4 and automotive needs. Tom, Ray and the entire Bullhide team are ready to answer any questions and assist you with your Jeeps, Trucks and 4×4 parts, accessories and service.  Stop by their location on 5817 South College Ave, Fort Collins.

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