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Integrated Computer Consulting Celebrates 20 Years in Northern Colorado!

Integrated Computer Consulting (ICC) was started in June 1998. At the time, most companies did not have Broadband Internet and had most of their applications running locally. Customers were excited about Broadband and wanted to get people connected to it. Customers were trying to talk to some of the big telco companies to get these services installed, and oftentimes they didn’t understand how to get it installed for the customers. ICC saw that there was an opportunity to help customers get their internal networks connected to this new high-speed Internet option.


ICC noticed that there was a lot of finger pointing with larger telco companies on who was responsible for what piece, which, in return, left customers in the middle. It occurred to ICC that the customers really needed someone to take charge of issues like this and help facilitate all parties to complete the task at hand.


ICC understood what good customer service felt like and vowed to deliver that our customers. After all, if you can’t trust your IT company to take care of the small things, why trust them to take care of a more complex task like a network or server upgrade? On this promise, ICC started performing work for a few small companies, keeping their promises and working tirelessly to make the IT solutions for them work right.


ICC also focused on the relationship pieces, taking interest in the clients and their lives and protecting their IT investments by keeping detailed documentation of their assets, warranties and subscriptions. Pretty soon, the word got out and customers referred ICC to other companies that were struggling with their IT support.


As ICC looks to the future, they continue to look at new service offerings that are coming on the market to see if they will benefit customers. They also make sure they understand the business needs of clients. At the end of the day, IT should be focused on the unknowns because that is where a customer’s reputation and finances are at risk.

icc computer consulting

ICC is a local, trusted IT company for 20 years here in Northern Colorado. For more information on IT support services, visit or call 970.373.4879.


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