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Houska Automotive Now Offering ADAS Repair Services

Houska Automotive has been servicing vehicles in Fort Collins for nearly 70 years. But cars have changed just a little bit since Houska, then called ‘Houska Repair,’ opened its doors in 1952.

Over 60 million vehicles in the US are operating with some form of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS. These systems can involve camera systems in the windshield, headlight brightness, object detection, parking assistance, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, and so much more. Today’s drivers are relying more and more on their vehicle’s technology. But in order to be effective and safe, this technology has to be maintained and calibrated correctly. These systems normally have to be recalibrated whenever a sensor is disturbed like after part replacement, collision repairs, and wheel alignments.  That’s why Houska Automotive is excited to announce that they are the first independent auto repair shop in Fort Collins to have the equipment to diagnose, repair, and reset ADAS in vehicles!

It’s important to have a trained professional work on ADAS repairs. ADAS relies on very precise and minute measurements and calculations to identify when your vehicle is about to hit something or is trying to fit into a narrow parking space. If you’re a driver with ADAS in your vehicle, you know how quickly you come to rely on these features. Sensors and cameras that are even slightly off could have dangerous consequences.

The services offered by Houska Automotive are already quite extensive, covering tire and maintenance services, heavy duty repairs, diesel emission tests, inspections, and more, but the team is excited to expand further with the addition of the ADAS repair equipment.  Houska is able to work on the ADAS system of almost any make or model vehicle, with the exception of Tesla. Choose to service your car locally, save money, and trust the experts that have been caring for our vehicles for generations.

Learn more about ADAS on Houska’s website at

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