Fort Collins Nursery: Spreading the Knowledge

It’s not often that you find a company so dedicated to their trade that they hold classes to educate the public on what they know best. Fort Collins Nursery is one such business – around since 1932, they have experience and knowledge about all things horticulture. Jesse Eastman, current owner, grew up in the nursery and is now excited to share his passion with others.


Although not offered every month, the classes occur somewhat frequently and have emerged out of the realization that plant lovers enjoy coming together to talk about what they will do for the upcoming season. The Winter Workshop series in January and February is the perfect platform for gardeners to do this. During the summers, classes are geared more towards specific plants, projects, and topics. Everyone from beginners to professional green thumbs are welcome to learn and create.


Classes are not just for those who are expert gardeners. Fort Collins Nursery recently held a Houseplant Care workshop, aimed at helping beginner growers learn about basic plant care. They’ve found that a lack of knowledge about the basics of plant care is one of the biggest challenges they face at the nursery. Fort Collins Nursery has therefore made it their mission to find those who are committed to learning how to keep their plants healthy, and teach them how to be a successful plant owner. Each person can leave these workshops with new skills and resources for how to care for each of their houseplants.


The classes are taught by different instructors and staff from varying departments of the nursery. All of these people have something new to bring to the table – or the garden, if you will. If you decide to enroll in the Woody Plant Propagation class, you’ll find Scott Skogerboe in front of you. With over 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry, he’s seen quite a bit and has a passion for adventuring and finding new plants! You’re sure to enjoy his excitement and energy.


Fort Collins Nursery has some upcoming events that they are very excited about, particularly their Spring Open House which will be on April 27. This year, the open house will also be the grand opening of their expanded store! The nursery plans on having plenty of prizes and special discounts as a way of giving thanks to all of their customers for making this a reality.


If you’re interested in attending an upcoming workshop, check out Fort Collins Nursery’s events tab on their website or on their Facebook events calendar. (link to FB, couldn’t at the moment since Facebook is down).

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