Helping At Risk Youth to Navigate The Tides of Employment

It is often argued that education today is missing life’s basics – simple things like how to apply for a job, how to do your taxes, how to build your credit, open a bank account and many more. But for teens and young adults that age out of the foster system, unfortunately, much more could be said. These individuals struggle with all the normal parts of becoming an adult, while also having to navigate life without an adult to mentor them through all of their firsts. How to apply for a job is important, but it is also important to know what to wear to an interview, how to appropriately communicate, how to apply yourself and thrive at a position, how to coordinate daycare and transportation…the list goes on.


This is just one of many areas where The Matthews House steps in. Their new Restaurant Ready program through the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation prepares youth to succeed in a restaurant environment. As a part of the program, The Matthews House staff works very closely with each participant. From developing their soft skills, such as promptness, communication and respect, to case management and finding the best company fit – their staff helps each youth every step of the way.


This program helps to bridge the gap for youth as they enter the workforce. For the restaurants themselves, working with these youth can be a smart business move. According to the Center for Hospitality Research, staff turnover cost is $5,864, while 89 percent of new hires fail in the first 18 months due to attitude problems, which are often due to lack of soft skills. The Matthews House staff not only help to manage and develop these skills but also work in coordination with restaurant management. This keeps the staff turnover rate down and also allows these youth to grow and develop.


The Matthews House was one of five national organizations selected to participate in this pilot program and has already seen great success! The Matthews House collaborates with our We R Foco restaurant, Ginger & Baker as well as The Rio, The Emporium, The Elizabeth Hotel, Snooze and Hot Corner Concepts.


We hope you choose to support The Matthews House and these great restaurants today. To learn more about The Matthews House, visit TheMatthewsHouse.org.

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