Elevate Chiropractic stands to remind us, we are all people first…

Our hope for the Abilities 5k is to bring awareness in highlighting the amazing ABILITIES of this population.

People often ask us why this is an important cause to us. In high school and college our Founder Dr. Daniel Wallis was privileged to work with people with disabilities in different programs from facilities that offer care, to special needs programs. While in college he was in charge of the Push America program through the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi where weekly events were organized with a local special needs student group from Fairview High School in Boulder. The interest in supporting this population really took hold after the Journey of Hope in 2008, in which Dan and 28 other cyclists rode from Seattle Washington to Washington DC to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities in the US. This was a monumental event of character building and awareness and that goal to give back has never slowed down.


Since becoming a Doctor and specifically focusing on the nervous system he has noticed that many individuals with disabilities are under-served, under- appreciated and often times over-medicated leading to many challenges. Our hope through this 5k is bring awareness in highlighting the amazing ABILITIES of this population. We have met parents, artists, musicians, friends and co-workers who many may feel like were defined by their disability, but we have seen that this is not their identity. We are ALL PEOPLE first, never defined by anything slowing us down, but putting our identities in bigger things and in contributing to a greater cause in the world. We hope this awareness will spread throughout our community and nation.


Each year we will hand select organizations who serve these people and help bring so much light and joy to the world. We will commit to donating proceeds from each race to these organizations to help them with the funding they need to continue their efforts. We hope you can join Elevate Chiropractic at the Abilities 5k each year, their next race is October 6, 2018 at 9am. To learn more, click here.

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