The Most Famous Cinnamon Rolls in Old Town & The History Behind Them

Nothing says comfort food like a batch of fresh cinnamon rolls right out of the oven! Silver Grill, the oldest restaurant in Fort Collins, has made their sweet buttery concoctions the restaurant’s most famous trademark. When John Arnolfo purchased the breakfast joint in 1979, he knew he wanted the restaurant to be Old Town’s go-to cinnamon roll business. What started as a recipe that Better Homes and Gardens had printed in their cookbook, turned into a journey of combinative experimenting. With little knowledge of baking, John tried and failed until he found his signature creation. 


The bakery that once made 18 cinnamon rolls a day now makes over 300 each day with a total topping 10,000 cinnamon rolls per month. The restaurant has not only made its mark on Fort Collins for its frosted pillow-like rolls, but it has become a cherished place that holds many family traditions and sacred memories.


Every day, the full-time bakers make 7 or more batches of kneaded dough. Although the classic version is a popular choice, Silver Grill has also expanded their flavor options, bringing fun selections to the restaurant like sweet pecan. They have also used their cinnamon rolls to add a  unique twist to other traditional dishes, such as the monte cristo sandwich, a country fried dish, toppings for soup, and more.


In addition to their giant breakfast rolls, the restaurant does more with their successful staple recipe than what meets the eye. They  also make their dinner rolls and hamburger buns from the same dough recipe.


Open every day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Silver Grill’s old-fashioned atmosphere and delicious plates make their Old Town location charming and special.  If you haven’t already, swing by to have a delicious meal and a cinnamon roll or two!


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