Impact Medical is a stem cell therapy clinic with a team of doctors, a nurse practitioner, and medical assistants. Stem cell therapy has provided fast, permanent, safe, and non-invasive pain relief for thousands of patients who have suffered from a variety of chronic conditions, and Impact Medical is proud to bring this treatment option to Northern Colorado.

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine that is treating patients who have
• struggled with pain that has not responded to chiropractic care;
• experienced an injury;
• been told they need joint replacement surgery.



Stem cell therapy is effective for a variety of conditions because stem cells are pluripotent. This means that they can become any cell type the body may need. Pluripotent stem cells are like construction workers. When the body sends a signal calling for reinforcements, stem cells can respond and regenerate the tissue in that area.
Impact Medical specifically uses human umbilical cord stem cells which offer a superior form of treatment. Umbilical cord stem cells are immune-privileged, homologous tissues. This means that the recipient’s body does not differentiate between the donated cells and its own. As a result, the recipient will not reject the transplanted cells.


Additionally, because our stem cell count reduces dramatically as we age, umbilical cord tissue offers the highest concentration of viable stem cells available. The stem cells used for treatment through Impact Medical are guaranteed to contain at least 5,000,000 stem cells per CC. This, combined with the fact that stem cells regenerate every 28 hours for up to 60 cycles, means that patients are benefitting from billions of stem cells from just one treatment injection.


Thus, not only do umbilical cord stem cells offer a better prognosis following treatment, it relieves the patient from undergoing the painful procedures required to harvest stem cells from their own bone marrow or adipose tissue.


In short, stem cell therapy provides long-term pain relief without medication, surgery, or side effects. Impact Medical’s team of highly-qualified practitioners can determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy. Schedule your new patient appointment to find out if stem cell therapy is right for you.



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